Refund Request & Chargeback Policy.

We break our refund policy down in three sections.


  • Website Domain orders have a strict no refund policy. Although we can cancel domains through our partners we cannot issue a refund for this.
  • Website Hosting orders may be cancelled within 14 days of our client receiving a confirmation email. Requests for refund after 14 calendar¬† days will not be fulfilled.
  • Website Design, Social Media Management, Company Branding or any other service offered by Zellus or Designsy Limited are not eligible for refunds. Once the client contract has been signed we will not issue refunds. Under certain circumstances and at our discretion we may return 50% of the total project cost.

Chargeback Policy.

We collect information from our customer at checkout such as but not limited to Name, Email, Address & I.P. address.
Zellus operates a strict no chargeback policy. 

Chargeback requests made to our payment processor Stripe or to our company or company bank accounts in relation to a payment made by you are treated as fraud.

We intend to pursue any customer legally who attempts to raise a chargeback request for any service offered by Designsy Limited.

We also use Stripe Chargeback protection. By purchasing from us you agree that all data submitted and identifiable information such as but not limited to your I.P. address will be supplied to Stripe.